Benefits of Building on a Corner Block

It happens all too often, people disregard corner blocks when searching for land, mainly over the fear of the challenges that corner block homes can bring. There is, however, a big upside to building on a corner block – the opportunity for a creative design that would be unachievable on a regular block of land.

Multiple access points

Suburban homes are typically built with only one point of access, which isn’t as functional nor as desirable as homes with multiple access points. With two sides of the home facing the street, the possible number of entrances doubles, meaning more options for driveways, garages and door placements. This is great for a number of reasons, such as having a large number of cars to park – now you have double the street parking of a conventional home, which is perfect when you have visitors.

Let there be light

Options for windows are far more limited when you have a front-facing home on an ordinary block. Windows and light may also be limited if the homes are close together or there are nearby tall buildings that block the light. On a corner block, there are more options for effective natural lighting. Because the corner block faces two streets, there is the option of having at least two unobstructed walls—not to mention the windows that look into the back garden.

More privacy, More space

Homes that are located on a corner block have the added benefits of privacy and space. A little more room to breathe without having to sit sandwiched between two houses is definitely a plus for a corner block location. Noise distribution is slightly decreased between neighbours as opposed to living next to two other houses increasing comfort and peaceful living. Multiple yard faces from a corner home provides more space and area utilisation.

Specialised Floor Plan

A specialised floor plan can be designed specifically for your location when choosing to live on a corner block. This gives you the opportunity to get creative and add features that best suit your style. This provides more flexibility in style choices for a specialised floor plan which adds uniqueness and comfortability to best suit you. A corner block allows for more of the house to be on display providing spacious living for family and friends. Work with a builder that understands the benefit of a corner block floor plan so they can accommodate a bigger house design.

Bigger Block 

When buying a corner block you have the potential of getting more land for your money. More land, more space and more opportunities for you and your family to enjoy. A corner block usually provides at least two facades to show off a unique landscape design. Whether it be more space for gardening, backyard area or additional design features, a corner block can provide multiple avenues for you. Working with the architect and builder of your home, you both can create something amazing.

Parking and access points

A corner block can produce multiple areas for parking and access points of your home. Even if you choose to not include a second driveway, you can still benefit from the curbside street parking that faces your house. This can be beneficial for when you have friends, family and guests arrive at your home taking advantage of multiple accessibility. Multiple access points can open up the door for new design opportunities between your garage, footpaths, front and back doors, and your driveway.

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