Building Checklist

Have you ever wondered what order most homes are built in? Well today we’re here to guide you through the process, from start to finish.

Cut/fill site & earthworks

This is the first major step in constructing your home and generally involves the use of excavators moving volumes of land to create the optimal surface for building. 

Depending on the slope of the terrain, this may involve excavating and removing many tonnes of earth, filling parts of the plot of land with earth, or ‘cutting and filling’ – where earth is excavated from one part of the block and filled in another.

In-ground services

This step involves the installation of storm water drainage and sewer systems – these are much easier to complete before pouring any foundations.

Concrete footings, foundations, and slab

During this stage, trenches are dug for frost footings. Vertical foundations are also laid for walls resting on the footings, using either poured concrete or cinder blocks. The slab is then poured to complete the foundation of your home.

The foundation is then waterproofed and holes are drilled into the foundation wall to allow for the routing of water supply, drain lines, utilities, or power lines.

Running plumbing and electrical lines

Now that the slab has been poured and holes have been drilled in the slab, the pipes for your plumbing and any electrical lines are run, and resealed around.

External drainage will also be set up in this stage, where the downpipes from your gutters will connect to later in the building process.


Framing refers to the timber wall skeletons and outlines built by a carpenter. During this stage, we place floor timber across any area with a wall, and then build upwards to resemble the basic rectangular outline of the walls. 

We will then secure the wooden frames with metal strapping, and place the boarding for doors and windows, and then fit the windows shortly after.


During this stage, the wooden truss (or frame) of the roof is laid on top of the wall frames. Once the truss is secured in place, we then lay the underlayment across the truss and conduct any necessary waterproofing.

From there, your roof is fitted on top, whether that be tiles, colorbond tin or another roofing option you have chosen.

Building wrap

During this stage, building wrap (a special type of reinforced paper) is used to protect the building. This wrap often has a reflective surface and thermal properties. 


Once the building wrap has been completed, the brickwork will be completed, quickly followed by the installation of external doors. Once this is finished, the “lock-up” phase of your build is complete

Rough-in electrical & plumbing

During this stage, the air conditioning ducting will be fitted, as well as the electrician “roughing-in” any required electrical components, such as TV/phone/data cables run to the fuse box.

The plumbers will also finish plumbing any last pipes and begin the installation of major items such as baths, sinks, shower trays and laundry troughs.

Plasterboard installation

Here, we hang and tape the plasterboard to complete the basic internal wall and ceiling structure. Once these are in place and the joints are covered over, you walls and ceilings are ready to be painted

Carpentry fix-out

This is the first stage of completing the carpentry work. This initial stage includes the installation of kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, skirting boards, architraves, and internal window sills.


During this stage, all the wet areas (laundry, bathrooms, kitchen) are waterproofed and then tiled. 

Kitchen Work

Once the tiling is completed, the last of the kitchen items will be installed. This usually includes the countertops, sink (if not already installed) and appliances.


By now, your home is very close to completion. We bring in our contracted painters all interior walls and ceilings, as well as any external surfaces. Once these surfaces are painted, the painters will then paint the skirting boards, doors, and other woodwork.

Services & Carpentry fit off

At this stage, we fit-out any remaining items. These usually include shower heads, taps, shower screens, internal doors, door handles, latches etc.

Floor coverings

The flooring of your choice – carpet, floorboards etc – basically any flooring that isn’t tiles will be installed at this stage.

Clean up & Final walkthrough

By now your home is complete. Our builders will clean the site and then take time to walk through the home to double check and triple check every nook and cranny. If anything is out of order, we ensure it is fixed and ready to go for handover. 

Hand over

This is the fun part – we hand you the keys and your home is now solely yours to enjoy!

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