2022 Building trends to look out for

Discover the latest building trends shaping the future of home design in our insightful blog. From the rise of Smart Home Technology revolutionising daily living with features like smarter appliances and built-in charging stations, to the increasing emphasis on Sustainability through energy-efficient solutions and eco-friendly materials, the modern home is evolving to meet the demands of tomorrow. Delve into the realm of Style and Individuality, where personal expression reigns supreme, and explore how outdoor living spaces seamlessly blend with indoor comforts to create a harmonious retreat. Join us as we delve into the nuances of Kitchen Creativity, where modern touches and innovative designs elevate the heart of the home to new heights of functionality and style.

Building trends - Daniel Finn Builder

Smart Home Technology building trends

The “Smart Tech” home features are advancing making new homes smarter and more livable. Various tech features are being included within new homes generating amazing designs. Outdoor amenities and backyard pools are slowing down, but smart home technology is in high demand. These include:

  • Smarter appliances
  • Built in charging stations for electric cars and phones
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Built in designs for TV, fridges, and security cameras
Building trends - Daniel Finn Builder

Incorporating Sustainable building trends

Sustainable measures lead to longevity into the future, incorporating these trends when building will ensure a long and comfortable lifestyle. Energy efficiency, solar panels and sustainable materials are becoming increasingly popular with new home designs. Discuss with your builder the sustainable approaches you can take when looking to source materials for your new home.

Building trends: Style and individuality

Building trends, just like fashion trends, are reflecting the individual’s personal style and perspective. Colour, texture, and mixed materials throughout your home can reflect who you are when designing to build. A modern aesthetic with less fussy details are taking the reins in most home designs these days. Squared edges, clean mouldings, and unadorned arches are becoming regular fixtures throughout modern homes.

Outdoor but indoor vibes

The pandemic launched renewed interest in designing and making outdoor spaces more and more livable. Recently, new homes have been no strangers to outdoor kitchens and televisions with adjustable dining options. Outdoor water features to ease the mind and retractable weather screens to feel inside are helping people feel more comfortable spending time in their outdoor spaces.

Building trends - Daniel Finn Builder

Metal on top

There’s no doubt that metal roofs are known for being long lasting and eco friendly. As well as durability, they’re also becoming stylish around the house. Extra metal can be added to home exteriors either on the roof, or on an awning or porch roof. Lasting for up to 70 years, these rooftop elements are staying for the long-run. Talk to your builder about how you can incorporate stylish metal roof designs and colorbond advantages for your home.

Bathroom serenity

Thinking about your bathroom features is a must when designing a new home to help you feel more clean when using it. It’s an important day to day living facility and recently bathrooms have seen an increase in size with nostalgic elements. Modern plumbing fixtures, inbuilt lights, and smooth colours are starting to make up the essentials in every new bathroom. Big shower heads and spacious bathtubs are leading the way in new home designs.

More with less

If the room is built right there’s no need to fix unnecessary external materials. Modern spacious designs allow the perspective for larger areas throughout their respective bed and living rooms. This area of thinking is having a positive visual impact of minimalism in the realm of home decor and design. It resonates with homeowners the trend of decluttering and lifestyle room essence. 

Work from home spaces

This has become increasingly popular and more important thanks to the pandemic. The adjusted work from home lifestyle looks as though it is here to stay for most professions that utilise modern technological communications. Designing a comfortable home office is now more essential than ever to help with productivity. A work from home space can be designed in all sorts of ways but the aim is to make it work for you. To create that “at work” feel, aesthetics, functionality, and practicality when designing your own office is vitally important.

See if these building trends work for you and discuss how you can incorporate them with your builder.

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