Choosing the right colours for your interior

A Style that suits you

This forms the basis of your interior painting journey. Different styles speak to different people, but finding an interior design that suits you will fill the desires of pleasure and comfortability. Yes, it can take time to narrow down what style you want your home to be, but as soon as you start planning for paints that suit your vision, the better you’ll be.

Keep it simple, keep it personal

There’s so many different paint styles and patterns to work with, but it won’t satisfy you unless you keep true to your own style. Don’t overthink patterns and colour palettes, just start simple with a few colours that could work well with your home. Envision your personal style and preferences when creating colour possibilities by bringing your designs to life.

Seek and gather inspiration

Once you have your styles and colour preferences in play, now is the time to find some inspiration. This can spark up colour design ideas by adding visual elements to your thought processes, there are loads of design ideas out there that can fit your style. Find specialist design platforms to help you capitalise on your interior progress as this gives you the chance to play around with what colours can work without spending a cent.

Create a colour scheme to match feel and furniture

Consider choosing colours or designs that match the mood and feel of your home. Take note of the furniture in each room as they can have a great effect on colour collaboration. Eye capturing wall colours and furniture ensure that you’ll never get tired of spending time in each of your rooms. Do a quick web search for a colour wheel, print out your chosen colours on paper, then hold them up in each room against your walls and furniture.

Flow colour through open spaces

Flowing colour through open spaces and into multiple rooms throughout your home can give stunning effect, but it can also give the illusion of larger space. It’s a simple way to bring openness into your home with colour flow. This can also create a relaxing vibe through each room by moulding your colours together. Soft colours can give effect to this technique and adding brighter colours subtly. Keeping flow throughout your home creates a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

Try lighter or darker shades

Consider these adjustments to create balance with your interior paint design. Light and dark adjustments can save time from abandoning a colour altogether. Test out lighter and darker tones of chosen colours in each room to determine which scheme suits best. Changes to these colour elements can also be done by as simply as turning the light on or opening blinds to let natural light in.

Do your homework before shopping for paint

This is a crucial step to help save you back and forth trips to the paint store. Time, effort and money can be saved here by brushing up on the types of paint that will suit your home. Do some homework and research on interior paint types with reference to your chosen colours that you believe will work with your home, such as matte, satin and gloss just to name a few.

Try and sample paint colours before going all in

Sampling will save time and money! You must test and sample your chosen paint colours before going all in on your interior. Test smaller paint samples before buying the big tins or having a painter finish all interior rooms. As much as we hope it does work, our first colour thoughts may not always work right off the bat. However, if you create small sample designs it gives you room to make the big decisions when committing to the big project.

Always consider your ceiling colour

Considering your ceiling cannot be missed when choosing different colour schemes. Getting caught up on walls and furniture can elude ceiling commitments. It’s as simple as taking a look up when you’re inside your home that can help place all of the design pieces together. White or very light colours in contrast to the walls can give the illusion of height and spacious effect. This is where paint samples can be put into play showcasing dynamic colour changes between walls and ceilings.

Don’t be afraid to use an interior designer 

The experts always know best, but this is to make life easier for you as they do critical thinking. Interior designers are experts in space efficiency, room functionality, lighting effects, colour effects and visual design elements. If you’re stuck on designing colour ways for your home, seek advice from an interior designer so they can help bring your visions to life. The opportunity for real life feedback from experts cannot be passed on.

Paint apps can help with visuals

There are many paints apps and websites available for you to create visual possibilities with your design and most of them are free! 

Save or take photos of designs you create to show experts when discussing your ideas.

Some design tools available are:

  • Paint colour apps
  • Canva
  • Designfiles

Enjoy the process

This can be one of the most anticipated times in your home building or renovating journey. Careful planning and colour prep will allow you to find joy in the process. Your interior design ideas will become very real so synergy amongst all groups involved will be essential to achieve your design goals. Remember to seek advice from experts and book consultations where necessary.

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