The Hidden Gotcha’s of Builders promotions and discounts

When researching your new home build you come across what seems to be a really good discount from a builder you were looking at but you start to think is it too good to be true? Today we are going to discuss the topic!

In Short, Yes you need to be very careful when reviewing these offers as oftentimes they are designed to get you over the dotted line and trap you in with hidden fees.

The most common Item we see when builders are offering discounts in the thousands of dollars is that they recoup the costs by having very high variation costs or they may be getting commission from finance providers they will give you the option to choose from, more often than not though these companies don’t make much profit and in-turn shut down and close, Have you ever thought about what happens if this occurs mid-build? It’s not a great situation to be in and can be very costly.

The next thing you may ask yourself is this. Why do they do these promotions rather than just being upfront? Well as humans we love promotions, We love the idea that we are getting a “good deal” even when oftentimes we are not, This is something that builders know very well and can often prey on. Always keep this in mind when reviewing any “offer” you may see no matter how good it seems.

Building your home is one of the largest investments of your life and you want to make the correct decision for you and your family, so should you take up the offers when it comes to these promotions?

The answer depends,

You need to evaluate every offer extremely thoroughly and look out for things such as the following.

• Check if the builder is reputable and known
• Get a soil test, site survey & property report that will detail in-depth information about the property to ensure there are no underlying issues
• Have a clear idea in your mind what you want and don’t want and get a fixed price early on
• Always get multiple quote and cross-reference against the offer you have been given

If you do have any questions please feel free to reach out we would love to hear from you!

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