How To decide on a colour scheme for your new build

How To decide on a colour scheme for your new build

It is a pivotal choice when picking a colour scheme for your new home.
It’s more than just settling on a color for the wall and getting some fancy furniture at the end of the day all elements of your home have to be thoughtfully considered before diving in! 

Keep in mind

During your journey be sure to keep in mind that you should use the floor as your guideline in most spaces for your paint colour, this sets you up for success moving through the process of choosing your scheme.

Mood Matters

Your colour scheme is really focused on setting an atmosphere for your home.Warm colors are believed to trigger vibrancy and trust and to foster connections, while colder shades will comfort and give your space a feeling of tranquility.

Here, your temperament and preferences are important. Trends are coming and going, but you need your room ‘s personality really to represent you.

Get Inspired

We are fortunate to have a really beautiful scenery in Australia-it would be a shame not to make use of it.

By incorporating pops of native vegetation, you might pay tribute to the great australian landscape or be influenced by a nearby beach and have maritime themes. You can create a seamless look with your outdoor setting by incorporating some organic materials. Plus, to improve your general mentality and satisfaction, it is said to pull the outside in.

Colour Theory

Knowing a little bit about colour theory is a great asset and will provide you with clarity when looking at different palettes within colour theory their are a set of 3 general schemas to work from.

  • Monochromatic colours. The Monochromatic colour scheme are nothing more than different variations of the same hue. Picking a monochromatic design adds a far greater minimalist look, adding dimension to your decor and textures.

  • Analogous colours. Sometimes known as the calming schema, From a locational perspective on the colour spectrum, these shades are together and operate to assist your home in becoming seamless and peaceful looking.

  • Complementary colours. Complementary colours are complete opposites to each other, sitting on the color wheel in a similar way, These colours bring a energetic feel to your colour scheme and can be tweaked to create a very emotional response.

Light Matters

To bring us to a close Lighting in particular when it relates to your palettes will always influence your colour scheme choice. The shades and highlights of your room can change, based on the access to natural light, Artificial lighting can also play a pivotal role in this factor!

While picking your colour scheme may seem like a daunting task, by following the above principles along with the help of your professional builder will ensure you are set for success and ensure you not only get a home you love but enjoy for many years to come.


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