Key considerations to building a split level home

A split-level home can be one of the most sustainable and effective ways to build on sloping ground. A sloping plot of land doesn’t mean there has to be a problem when looking to build a home. Building on sloping land can have its benefits but there are a few things to consider when doing so. 

Split-level home: Make your designs a reality

You must understand the processes and what goes into building on a slope before you purchase land that has these characteristics. Buying a sloping site without understanding its complexities could give you more than just a few leveling challenges. Forget flat and standard land designs, instead, fill your mind with ideas. These ideas should be how you would like your house to look and function on a split-level home site. By doing this you can make the most of the existing landscape with a cost-effective build.

Split-level home: Challenges and benefits

The slope itself is certainly the biggest challenge to building a split-level home. Working with the natural landscape will minimise any alterations or challenges that may come up throughout the design. Be sure to carefully work with your builder or home designer. When doing so come up with solutions that will best benefit you when building a split-level home. Building a split-level home on a sloping site is a sustainable way to build. It limits earthwork and the amount of ground that needs to be excavated and leveled before building. Building and designing a home that fits into the natural environment can look aesthetically pleasing.

Split-level home: Maximise space and view

As we have said previously, building a split-level home allows you to take full advantage of the space your block provides. The ability to build up on multiple levels gives you the chance to create space. More space can mean for a bigger backyard without taking the size off your home. Bring your backyard ideas to life with extra space for either a pool, outdoor seating area, or pets. Create ideas that consist of anything you can think of to best suit your lifestyle. Now we have multiple levels, which means we have multiple views. Looking into different picturesque surroundings can be a huge benefit to a split-level home. Designs can be made and altered so that you can maximise your views to look out across the neighborhood.

Chance for a unique design

Homes that are dug into the earth to make way for a leveled slab. This can result in big retaining walls, odd-looking facades, and steep driveways. In some scenarios, reducing the slope of the block could be too expensive or difficult. This gives you a chance to create a unique design that works for you. Fully utilising your home with split-level designs allows you to build a home specific to your block. Unique designs can make your home look stunning. This is great for families targeting homes that look a little bit adventurous with that added design element to it. These homes generally have a few flights of stairs for each level. Be aware that stairs play a big role in your home design. The interior design potential on multiple levels allows you to get creative and express yourself.


A split-level home could be the best cost-effective solution for you to build on sloping ground and fitting into the natural landscape. Get in touch with Daniel Finn Builder to get the ball rolling!

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