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? 4-5 bedrooms ||  2.5 bathrooms ||  1 car spaces  || 25-30 sq

Now we want your outdoor space to work beneficially for you, so prioritise practically where you can and utilise all the space that you can without any waste. Outdoor space can be a waste of space if it is not used properly, ask yourself what you want the space to be used for when thinking of your design. Be precise and as clear as possible when discussing design ideas with your builder so they can incorporate them as a feature of your home. 

Shade and shelter

Give yourself and your family the chance to enjoy your outdoor living space in all weather conditions. Look to build a comfortable and effective living area that includes shade and shelter protecting you from annoying glare, bright sunshine, and rain. Shaded areas should be a priority living in this country allowing you to be comfortable in the shade during the warm weather. Covered patios can serve you well in all seasons with sailcloths, outdoor blinds, and large umbrellas as cheaper options.

Gardens and Greenery

Go past your traditional garden beds and pot plants and look for different ways to incorporate greenery as you are already outside. This can help bring to life your outdoor living areas with built in plants and garden frames. Think outside the box and design vertical gardens or wall brackets with plants on shelves. Plants can be used as natural colour and bright pops of natural light can be enhanced by plant colours and their containers. 

Floor Plan

4-5 Bedrooms

 2.5 Bathrooms

 1 Car Space

 25-30 sq

Lot Requirements

Min. standard lot width — 9.95 m
Min. zero lot width — 0 m

Suitable For

Zero Lot


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