The Hidden Costs of Building a New Home in bathurst

The hidden costs of building a new home in Bathurst

Creating a new home represents a great adventure. This should be a fun, pleasant and a stress-free process. It’s a time when the dreams come true, after all. You build your future, and a good life.

Unfortunately, these dreams and your future happiness may be jeopardized by the hidden costs of building a Home. It ‘s important for you as a new home builder to be aware of the hidden costs of building a home.

Changes and modifications

One of the greatest traps in building a new home comes from the costs of changes and modifications. Material upgrades that will add to the standard cost breakdown of building a home are so important to be aware of. If you upgrade items such as floors, appliances, finishes, and lighting — this is likely to be in addition to your initial negotiated construction costs and will naturally increase your typical building costs.

Make sure you have an upfront conversation with your new home builder about the level of changes allowed in your contract.

This is especially important if you compare a show home to a quote or estimate a contractor has given you. It can be easy to fall in love with a floor plan and a certain set of fittings and finishes, but often a tweaked version of a standard plan will be the show homes you ‘re visiting (whether online or in person). And it’s important that you have a good understanding of any cost gaps.

Builder promotions and offers

The sheer number of home package deals available on the housing market will amaze you. The truth is, package deals often struggle to deliver on the marketing hype. Simply put, many of these promotions are too good to be true, and the hidden costs in building your new home are actually obscured. 

Site preparation

Preparation for the site is an area that is frequently neglected by first-time home builders. Before construction each block of land undergoes a site survey and soil check.

When your block is difficult to reach or is placed on a hill, the average cost of construction would be greater. Likewise, rocky or highly reactive soil would need to be included in your building cost analysis because they will increase your construction costs as they need specific foundations. You will need to make sure that your sewage, water, stormwater and power connections are included in the breakdown of costs.

While these costs are always inevitable, if you find them early, you can make better budgeting options for your home.


Cutting corners is often a temptation to save money. In the spirit of being sensible, you might decide to forgo those extra laundry cupboards or install cheaper appliances for the kitchen and bathroom. In the long run, what seems common-sense at the moment might actually turn out to be “false economy.”

In a shorter time frame, cheaper appliances, fittings and finishes may require fixing or replacing, and may affect your home’s resale value in later years. The story’s philosophy is: Focus on consistency and lasting value.

Plan ahead

It is known that home renovations will cost considerably more (per square meter) than new home buildings within the construction industry. This is why a new home design will fit your current and future lifestyle needs.

For instance, if you’re a couple with plans to have kids in the future, building the extra room or two at the outset is much cheaper. Kitchens, bathrooms, garages and storage spaces can are the same. Of course a lot is going to depend on your spending budget, but always try to think long-term.


Delay related costs are a perfect example of hidden costs when constructing a home. This may be triggered by you as the customer by adjustments and modifications, or if you are late in making payments in the paying point.

In fact, delays may be induced by your contractor, who may not have prioritized your property over those they are currently building. Delays can also be entirely out of your control or the control of your builder, such as weather.

The weather … well we can’t do anything about that! Nonetheless, certain smart contract provisions may help to reduce the hidden costs of building a home.

Change of mind

Ultimately, if you’re trying to minimize hidden expenses, you should avoid making unnecessary changes to your plans or build. Not only can changes of mind sometimes incur the expense of drafting and equipment and labor, they can often cause unnecessary delays.

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