The New Home Building Process

Start with research

The first and most important stage of the new home building process. Thorough research allows you to set the foundations of the home you wish to create making your thought process come true. This is where you should look to choose your builder, one that fits your needs and understands your home building goals. Pick an area then a certain location, make sure your builder has had experience with building in areas that you wish to create your new home. Once these are in check, visualise your house design. Research previous designs that your builder has done in the past to see if they align with your visualised features.

Make your designs reality

Imagining is one of the most enjoyable parts because it drives your motivation through this new process. Browse for designs you wish to make for your home for everything including floor plans, bed and living rooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage, and yard space. This inspiration will help you when discussing your ideas with your builder but it is very important to be realistic with your budget and expectations. Make sure all your design ideas fit the feel for you and allow you builder to have a clear understanding and vision of your proposed design creations.

Your space, your land 

Once you have chosen the area you wish to build your new home, work out the size you wish your house to be that will suit your needs. This will give you a better idea of the space you need to build and the land in the location that will accommodate for this. It’s your new space and your new piece of land your home will be built on, so picture where you can see all of this happening.

Contracts then signatures

Now you’re past the first few stages and this is where you get to make all your research and design ideas real. You’ve envisioned the type of home you want and chosen your land to build on, now is the time to work out contracts and finances. Do some investigation on the best finance options that will work for you and look for government grants if you qualify. Your builder will be able to help you with quotes of your new build to be put forward to your bank to deal with finances. Once the finances are in order, work out the building contracts for your new home with your builder, and if there’s a green light on everything, sign away.


The planning has been done and the big decisions have been made, everything is ready to come together. This is where your builder will be busy in action ordering and sorting out materials, working out labour schedules, concrete pours for the slab, and putting up the frames. Roofing and plasterboards will come after this along with all the indoor elements. This includes the installation of architraves, timber skirting, linings, and any other indoor features you have created with your builder.

Follow the build

Communication is key during construction and this can’t be stressed enough. It is vital to follow along with the build of your new home so you can get a first hand experience of what is being created. At various stages you will be asked by the builder to meet onsite to discuss progress, issues, or modified features. It is important you make clear decisions at this stage with your builder to help save you costly errors down the track. 

Finishing touches

Almost done and it’s time to make your new home truly yours. Final construction elements are completed, tiling and painting finishes, utilities of plumbing and electrical installations are completed. This is your opportunity to add extra personality to your new home with additional features like mirrors and splashbacks. Turn the new house into a new home feel and make what you envisioned a physical reality.

Final inspections and handover

The home is now complete and the final walk-throughs are ready to complete the final inspections. If need be minor adjustments can be made by your builder to be fixed by the time you are ready to take the keys and move in. Once you have let your builder know that you are completely happy with your new home, now is time to experience the most exciting part. Your creation has come to life and your keys are handed over upon settlement. 

Understand the new home building process to make building your new home easier and more exciting!

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