Things to know before building a new home on a rural property

Unsure of what you should consider when buying land for a new rural home build? Below we have some key points and tips to help you understand what you should consider before buying and building in rural areas. The questions below are many we have been asked before, and they will help you understand the risks and rewards of building a new home on a rural property and if it’s the right thing for you. 

Questions to ask before buying and building on rural land

You should consider how close by the services and amenities are?

Do you want to be located within a short trip or a long trip to nearby services such as hospitals and doctors? If you regularly visit these services, maybe a short 10-15 minute drive to those centres is better suited to you. Also, the distance to schools and shops, this is especially important for young families.

What does the economic climate of the area look like? 

Things to consider are what’re you using the land for? Is it agricultural, commercial purposes or private use? These will most likely impact your location for your new rural build. 

When settling on the sale, does the contract require any license?

Things such as water usage, septic, and alike should be considered before building a new home on your rural property. How easy are you council to deal with, etc? All these things in the governance should be asked.

What’s the accessibility of service utilities?

Is there access to power and telecommunication? Are you someone who will need access regularly? Do you plan to have high usage with streaming such as Netflix, etc etc all of these areas need to be considered?

What’s the water supply and sewerage?

Is the property connected to a towns water supply and a central sewerage system? The property may rely on septic tanks and water tanks. You need to think about the installation of a sewage system and understand how it works. 

Who and what are your neighbours like? 

You need to understand what goes on around the property you are looking at. Is there a farm nearby? If so, you need to be wary of fertiliser spray blowing across the land or being woken early due to farming machines etc. If you are looking to unwind and relax into the rural lifestyle, being situated next to a commercial farm might not be for you.

Are you considering raising farm animals or farmland? 

Before doing so, be aware of pests and diseases in the area and how they affect the land and animals. 

Check the properties accessibility

Ensure you can access the property in all weather conditions, rain, fires, etc and find out what else the roads surrounding your property are used for. This could be things such as livestock and machinery transport.

Building a new home on a rural property can be a fun but challenging experience. However, if you research well, choose suitable land, and trust your local builder to provide you with the perfect home, your rural building experience will be taken to the next level. At Daniel Finn Builder, building rural homes is what we specialise in, from drafting your plans to building your dream home. 

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